Cookie Statement

When you access any website, it may utilize cookies to store or retrieve information on your browser, predominantly in the form of cookies. This information could pertain to you, your preferences, or your device and is primarily employed to ensure the site functions as expected. While this information typically does not directly identify you, it can greatly enhance your web experience through personalization.

At HM Battaglia, we employ cookies to enhance your online experience and ensure interactions are as informative and relevant as possible. To fully utilize our website on your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone, it is necessary to accept cookies. We urge you to carefully review this Cookie Statement to understand the cookies our website employs and their respective purposes. Additionally, our Privacy Statement details other forms of personal information we may collect and how it is utilized.

Should you opt not to accept cookies, you have the option to disable them (instructions below), though this action may impact website functionality. Please be aware that altering your browser’s Cookie Settings may not erase any previously set cookies. Should you wish to delete cookies at any point, you must do so via your internet browser settings.

Understanding Cookies:

Cookies consist of text files containing small data sets that are downloaded and may be stored on your internet-enabled devices, such as computers, smartphones, or tablets. These cookies enable websites to “remember” your actions or preferences (e.g., login, language, font size) over time, eliminating the need for repeated entries upon revisiting or navigating between pages.

Cookies Employed on Our Website:

Below is a comprehensive list of cookies utilized on our website, regularly updated to include any new additions and classifications. Among these are session cookies, which are temporary and facilitate tracking your actions during a browser session. These cookies are deleted upon browser closure. Conversely, persistent cookies remain on your device for a specified duration as outlined in the cookie settings.

  1. Required Cookies:
    • Vital for website navigation and security support.
    • Often set in response to user actions like setting privacy preferences, logging in, or filling forms.
    • Blocking or alerting about these cookies may affect certain website functionalities.
  2. Performance Cookies:
    • Aid in comprehending visitor behavior and website usage.
    • Enable improvements to the website’s functionality and gauge the efficacy of advertising and communications efforts.
    • Not allowing these cookies inhibits monitoring of website performance.
  3. Communication Cookies:
    • Facilitate the use of third-party social network cookies.
    • Allow sharing of website content on social networks.
    • Third-party social media networks may employ cookies for their own purposes.
  4. Advertising Cookies:
    • Remember product and page preferences, and previous website visits.
    • Aim to provide advertisements tailored to your interests based on website and third-party platform visits.
    • Combine data from current and previous website visits to enhance advertising relevance.

This Statement’s Updates:

We periodically review and update this Cookie Statement. Any modifications will be posted on our website and, whenever feasible, communicated to you. For the most recent version, please refer to this web page.